The Top Cottage  
To the right you can see the Top Cottage joining the Hayloft.To the left the Cottage backs onto the Courtyard.

The three Cottages are all very simmilar. The only differences are on the ground floor.

The ground floor on each Cottage is in an 'L' shape.

To the left you can see two beds laid out and around the corner ( right pic) there is a full working kitchen.

This area can have up to five beds laid out for you or makes a nice lounge with the kitchen attatched for the necessary refreshments.

In the Middle cottage the ground floor has a small breakfast bar while the Bottom Cottage just has the area open for maximum flexibility.


The cooker etc. is isolated from the electricity when children have open access to this area. Although it does make a very cosy leaders room !

Above Abi & Jeanette show you the two dorms upstairs and the shower room on the ground floor.

There are two toilets, one upstairs and one down.

Abi's expession says it all, just enough room for a teacher and a suit case in here! Mind you, I think Jeanette has fallen asleep !

A small group can be happily accomodated in one Cottage or a larger group may perhaps spread through the three Cottages and into the Hayloft. This will all be discussed with you and the right combination for your particular groups needs.

The Town Hall is normally used as the meeting hall and classroom when you are accomodated in the Cottages as the Barn has its own indoor classroom area.

Home   Accom;
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